STUNT: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Location: China

Xin is an iconic example of Chinese entrepreneurial success and one of the very few self-made female billionaires in the world. A story like her's seems almost untrue, given her beginnings though. At the age of 14, she lived in a room just big enough for two bunk beds; her and her mother. In the meantime, Xin spent her days working in a sweat shop making garments and electronic products, working 12-hour shifts, for 4 years! We can all just imagine what a sweatshop would be like for a teenage girl with ambitions to just survive. Eventually she did get out, saving enough money to move to London to be educated, sparking her meteoric rise. It was these years in the sweatshop that would prepare her for the long hours and grueling work necessary to not only launch a company, but IPO it in 2007. And if this didn't sound like enough, she also found the time to balance being a mother of 2 boys.


The trait that Xin learned while making garments and electronics, living at the bottom of the food chain, is what has enabled her to persistently grow SOHO China. Though all STUNTWOMEN have a strong work ethic, she is in a league of her own. The remanence of this strong influence can be seen when she is spending considerable time on a construction site for one of her commercial buildings. She loves being on the site, even taking pictures and talking with the workers, because she is well aware of what its like to work that hard. 




STUNT: Entrepreneur


Musk is an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, however the root of his successful trajectory can be traced back to one valuable trait that he developed at an early age; when he began to STUNT. Born and raised in South Africa, Musk realized that he needed to move to the United States. He believed that "America is where great things are possible, more than any other country in the world." It was that statement that sparked the highly gifted 17 year old to leave South Africa, and eventually get to the US via Canada. This trait resurfaced when he decided to drop out of Stanford Graduate School. Though he was on-track by any traditional yardstick, he was not pursuing what he felt was in-line with his STUNT. He subsequently dropped out, and embarked on a long, arduous, and uncharted path to solve the biggest problems that were paramount human existence in the future; the Internet, sustainable energy, and space exploration.


Musk's early developed trait of vision is what enables him to consistantly STUNT, regardless of the industry or the traditional barriers of "what's possible." Not only can he see the needs of the future, but he can remain steadfast in its realization. From realizing his vision to come to the United States as a youth, to making it his life's work to solve the worlds greatest challenges through his various business ventures, he is a STUNTMAN.