Just in time for New York Fashion Week, here is a quick biography on one of the STUNTWOMAN I had the chance to interview. Learn more about her "STUNTWORDS To Live By" in the book!


Before Rie Yano landed her first job she'd traveled around the world and back. She was born in Japan, spent part of her high school years in Mexico and Canada, and then returned to Japan to attend Sophia University. While at Sophia she had studied abroad at New York University.

Rie decided to begin her professional career in Tokyo at Mitsubshi. Impressively, she became a spokesperson for the automobile manufacturer and two years later moved back to New York City charged with leading Mitsubishi’s global public relations team.

While her career was in full force, so was her desire to dance. So much so that she began taking trips to Buenos Aires by herself on the weekends to tango. Considering her proximity to South America, she jumped on the opportunity to learn tango at its origin, building her passion for the dance. By her second year in New York City, she had already been to Buenos Aires five times, all the while taking professional courses at New York University.

Though building a successful career at Mitsubishi, Rie was ready to take learning to the next step. She enrolled at Harvard Business School and during her two years there, she became a semi-finalist in the school's business plan contest. Her business idea was a design/fashion crowd- sourcing site to promote the work of Japanese artists and designers online, which she eventually launched over the summer in Japan with two classmates; learning hands-on about entrepreneurship while finishing her degree. However, after business school, she eventually closed the startup to take a job in New York City. She wanted to be back in New York City because she felt it was the epicenter of culture and would be a great environment to find partners to launch her second startup.

Fusing her business knowledge and love of fashion, Rie joined Coach Inc., a luxury American leather goods company. She became the web project manager in the Digital Media Marketing Department, where she managed the digital content production for the brand’s web, mobile, and social media platforms in North America and Japan. Almost two years later, she left Coach to co-found Material Wrld, a fashion community dedicated to luxury resale, with Jie Zheng, her friend and classmate from business school. Not surprisingly, Material Wrld was founded with a global vision to create the most personalized shopping experience and revolutionize the way fashion enthusiasts shop and sell goods.