STUNTFILE: John Hideyoshi Martyn

Here is a quick biography on one of the STUNTMEN I had the chance to interview. Learn more about his "STUNTWORDS To Live By" in the book!


John's first influences in business happened during his younger years living in Islamabad, Pakistan. His Japanese mother would take him to the market, where he would learn to negotiate. His knack for business followed him when he moved to Virginia during his middle school years. He and his brother began selling lemonade to construction workers in their neighborhood. They would rake leaves, cut grass, and shovel snow, treating each customer as a valued account. John then moved to Paris for high school, where the craps games being played between classes or after school were more than a way to waste time. For John they were an opportunity to earn profit and hustle the affluent kids, whose parents were diplomats, ambassadors, or powerful business executives. During his freshman year in college, John had began day trading and was making a hefty profit on the stock market. Business was so good he left school, but thought it better to seize upon another business opportunity—this time, buying office electronics in bulk from bankrupt tech companies and selling it on eBay. Two years later he decided he wanted a degree. After various internships and studying abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo, John eventually graduated with honors in global affairs from George Mason University.

John’s next stop was New York City, where he landed a dream job working in finance as an account manager on Park Avenue. John worked on the international sales desk at BlackRock, the global investment firm. Nearing the end of his three and a half years at BlackRock, John began working on ABCLoop, a startup that served as an online language- learning community for Japanese who wanted to learn English. He worked to build the startup during his work hours and free time, so much so that it became apparent that his passion was ABCLoop. He eventually launched the company in the fall of 2010 and left BlackRock. Expanding his passion further, John moved from New York to Tokyo in 2011 to continue with ABCLoop (which became Language Cloud) with his brother Billy and childhood friend Franky. Already in its second year of impressive growth and substantial capital raised, Language Cloud is a web and mobile platform designed to improve the way language teachers manage their classes and assignments.