STUNTFILE: Misty Copeland

STUNTWOMAN: Misty Copeland

STUNT: Ballerina  


In 2007, Copeland became the first black female soloist in the American Ballet Theater's history. Some would describe her as the Jackie Robinson of the classical ballet world. At the young age of 13, she made the decision to make ballet her life and has dedicated herself to competing at the highest level of the art form. Along the way, she has had to battle criticism from instructors based on her body type and marginalization due to the color of her skin, however her belief in herself and hard work prevailed. Like barrier breakers in history, the uphill battle against all odds has actually made her stronger, performing with the American Ballet Theater for the past 5 years, as well as going on-tour with Prince in 2011, and receiving multiple awards of excellence in her field.


There are many other ballet dancers that dream of being selected to join the American Ballet Theater, not to mention the many black ballet dancers that have yet to get the opportunity to perform at such a high level of the art form. Misty, however possesses a sense of self efficacy that has helped to keep her motivated from a young age. This strong trait is what she has cultivated since the age of 13, when she decided that she would dedicate her life to perfecting her craft, in arguably one of the most conservative art forms in the world.