STUNTFILE: Arianna Huffington

STUNTWOMAN: Arianna Huffington

 STUNT:  Entertainment


Huffington has been able to navigate the sharky waters of politics and media to become an extremely successful author and media maven. We are all aware of her trajectory, however she began to STUNT long before her entry into the limelight. At the age of 16, she moved to the United Kingdom, and studied economics at Girton College (University of Cambridge). While at Cambridge she became the first foreign and third female President of the Cambridge Union since its foundation in 1815. Leading this highly elite group of students, and honing her skills in debating while in college, is what groomed her to be able to swim with the sharks on Capitol Hill and corporate American...and WIN.


Huffington has been honing her STUNT from an early age in the debate halls of Cambridge. As one of the few women in the world that have been able to successfully traverse politics and business, the odds stacked against her were nothing new to her. She has been one of the few women since college in the circles that she now dominates. She learned to rally constituents to agree on debate topics, which was a valuable transferable skill when she was either arguing political issues or raising investor capital for The Huffington Post.