STUNTFILE: Sir Richard Branson

STUNTMAN: Sir Richard Branson

STUNT: Entrepreneur


Branson is the epitome of an entrepreneur life gone right. From his early days as the founder of The Student magazine, to his recent race to commercialize space travel, he has been able to defy odds by committing 100% and never looking back. This type of behavior has been lucrative, however has definitely almost gotten him killed a few times; trying to set records in hot air balloons and speed boats. It was his mother that played a pivotal role in grooming him for the high risk, high reward life he would go on to live. When he was as early as 4yrs old, his mother would make him find his way home, miles away and through rural fields. By age 12, his mother would send him off with a sandwich and an apple to bike over 50 miles to the nearby town. All this training is what broke him from being "shy" and introverted, and allowed him to look at each situation as an adventure to discovering what he was truly capable of.


By whipping the shyness out of Branson and making him extremely independent at an early age, his mother forced him to sign up for any adventures life would bring. This trait has been one of his strongest, as he has been able to start business after business, knowing that a long road with risks and potential failures lay ahead. He would be the first to tell you that he isn't always the smartest in the room, however what STUNTMEN realize is that it isn't always about who knows the most, but who is willing to proactively sign up for an adventure that could win in the end.